Super Travel Service

Welcome to Super Travel Service the year 1978 “Super Travel Service” has today developed into a giant organisation run by a team of hardcore professionals.this monumental achievement has been possible mainly due to the unstarved faith in our cleints has developed in us over the years and by untarnished service we have providing to them whenever they require manpower from india. To mention that “Super Travel Service” alone accounts for a major share of manpower recruited from india for overseas jobs past 37 years is not a tall claim.this again has been possible after surmounting competition from various mushroom-recruiting agencies,which keeps cropping up by hundreds every year.our success lies in our confidence and our ability to meet challenges

  • Industry Expertise

  • Unskilled Workers

    Unskilled Workers

    As highly skilled labours are required for all the companies-be it corporate sector or service sector, unskilled labour too contributes towards the...
  • Semi Skilled Workers

    Semi Skilled Workers

    Being one of the trustworthy recruiting agencies in India, we have become the sole destination of the companies for the utmost effective solution...
  • Skilled Workers

    Skilled Workers

    Bearing licence from the Ministry of Labour as one of the most reliable recruitment agencies, we have emerged as a potential provider of skilled...
  • Highly Skilled Workers

    Highly Skilled Workers

    The industries also require a considerable number of highly skilled workers for the handling of vital issues related to the smooth functioning of any...
  • Highly Qualified Workers

    Highly Qualified Workers

    These professionals can be called the pillars of any organization and handle the most vital issues. The jobs which require highly qualified...

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